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When will La La Land be taken seriously?

8 Jun

Los Angeles has been trying to grow into its fashion sense for some time now. We even began having our own fashion week for quite a few years however it does not seem to be sticking. I agree that LA is a trendy city and we get bored quickly with designs, but we love to look good, and love our fashion. Why is it that we have not been taken seriously yet. What do we need to do as a fashion city to get the right attention? We have great fashion schools and are in the heart of the entertainment world. I truly hope the day comes where people love to sit front row at our Fashion Week and the giggles turn into desire for the collections being shown. LA is truly a fashion forward city and deserves a little attention. With the street art and the tourists who flood the city every day we are constantly inspired by others and their fashion sense just as any other city. Please start looking into more local designers and you will see LA is seriously fashionable!!!