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Style Icon Of The Week Blake Lively

27 Jul

This weeks Style Icon is Blake Lively! She has been showing off her style as soon as she stepped on the scene with the show Gossip Girls and has been seen on Nylon jumping up and down for fashion. We love her lively vibe she brings. She can pull of any look and has been coined the new true classic beauty. I would have to agree with that statement after seeing Blakes Vogue 2009 issue. I also loved her look in red showing us all how a blonde can pull off red with her amazing long braid.Blake Lively is quickly becoming one of my new favorite fashion Icons. Here are some amazing looks from Glamor to Vogue Blake makes sure our attention is on her at all times. I love her daring choices with the deep plunging lines she makes a statement down the red carpet every time. Which look of Blakes is your favorite? What would you like to see her wear more of? Do you think this Gossip Girl is here for good? You be the judge…personally I love what your rocking Blake!!!!




Dressing For A Fashion Industry Interview

26 Jul

Preparing for a fashion industry interview can be extremely nerve-wracking, not because you’re nervous about what to say, but because you’re worried about what to wear. It goes without saying that you’ll want to dress totally different for an interview in the fashion industry as opposed to one for a field of law, accounting, or any other conservative industry. But you still need to look professional. The trick is to be unquestionably stylish without losing that professional vibe, so that anyone that walks in the room can and will take you seriously. But keep in mind, you should always dress according to your personal style. If you are dressed completely out of character to impress for the interview, it will be noticed and you will look uncomfortable.

 You’ll definitely want to wear a nice pair of shoes For the interview. You don’t have to go out and spend $500 on a pair of Jimmy Choos but you at least want to make sure that they look new and polished. I suggest taking your favorite piece of clothing, the one that best showcases your style and that your most proud of, and incorporating it into your interview outfit. Start with this item whether it’s a nice blouse, a cute dress, or a stylish skirt, and go from there. You can add a stylish cropped jacket to instantly get that office chic look, and don’t forget some trendy jewelry, just remember less is more. You don’t want to over do it but a few key pieces really pull an outfit together. If you’re going with a skirt, I strongly suggest parring it with some pantyhose. Nude is great but don’t forget about pairing it with black, navy, something that pops a little. Remember, its all up to you. Before you walk out the door, make sure your proud of how you look and that you feel comfortable in your own skin. Just simply ask yourself is this outfit me? You got this!

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Casual Chic: Rihanna in Cushnie et Ochs and Vans' Canvas Authentic Sneakers in New York City (via urbansybaris)

20 Jul

Here is another great example of sexy sneakers!!!

Casual Chic: Rihanna in Cushnie et Ochs and Vans' Canvas Authentic Sneakers in New York City Rihanna has been toning down her ensemble choices of late. She has been seen out and about in looks that are dressed down and much more casual than we're used to seeing from her. Her latest ensemble mixed high and low pieces and brought back an accessory we haven't seen in sometime: a white draped dress from Cushnie et Ochs' Pre-Fall 2011 collection, Canvas Authentic Sneakers ($45) from Vans and a military green trucker hat. I really like this lo … Read More

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How do you feel in a pair of high heels?

20 Jul

Walk around in a pair of heels, do you automatically put a strut on and bring your sexiness out. Maybe you are uncomfortable being tall or your feet fail you with the pain heels may bring. I am on the fence with heels because they are painful at times however I love the look heels adds to an outfit so I just smile and remind myself beauty can be pain. You can dress anything up with heels. You can tie in the colors of your outfit really bringing the look together. A great way to tie your outfit together is to spoil yourself with the matching purse as Amber Rose has done her with her zebra print clutch and her matching zebra print heels. I just love her! She is one of my favorite stylists out there, yes she styles herself! She has also been heard talking about a vintage collection which she will be launching in Los Angeles this coming year!       

Another great example of how to add color with the right shoe and hand bag is Olivia Palermo. She has been in the fashion world for quite sometime now. Many of you may know her from the MTV show The City. Olivia is a great style icon in the making.

If heels aren’t your thing you can always rock some cute sneakers with great bold colors or keep it simple with some plain white chucks. Jennifer Aniston pulls off this look flawlessly. There are also some amazing flats and sandals out this season, I can’t stay away from the embellishments and bling on the newest styles. I also love the ballet slipper in a simple bold color black, white, or brown, red is a fun color to add to brighten up your wardrobe. Adding it with stripes and navy would be a cute twist to the nautical look of the season. Have fun trying new looks and taking a risk, remember to embrace your sense of style and that your shoes can be your best show piece so don’t be afraid to be bold when choosing colors or styles. However, if these are work shoes you may want to keep comfort in mind or simply add a sole insert.


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Cape Town Fashion Week | What stood out (via Complete [and Utter] Disbelief)

17 Jul

I love these looks from Cape Town Fashion Week!!!

Cape Town Fashion Week | What stood out Disbelief’>Read More

via Complete [and Utter] Disbelief

What does your outfit say about you?

17 Jul

Many people feel that what they wear says a lot about their personality. So if you’re wearing an all-black outfit do you think someone may think you are a ridged person, gothic or maybe they might think you are a sheik and sleek dressed individual? It depends on the confidence within, the way you piece it together and accessories. No matter what you may be wearing it sets the tone about what others think about you. So when you get dressed in the morning ask yourself…what tone do I want to set for my day and how do I want others to see me. If you’re going to an interview you will defiantly want to research what attire is appropriate. If you need tips on how to dress for an interview please take a look at my upcoming post on dressing for industry interviews.

You might be unsure and searching for your own sense of style. Maybe you have even become stuck in a generation and never really ventured out to try new trends. If this is the case a great way to start is by taking a look at what others are wearing. You can do this many different ways, by people watching at the mall and window shopping while your at it to give yourself an idea about whats out there. Try picking up a couple of magazines like InStyle, or even People just be sure to take a look at what you are drawn to or even what you think looks great on someone else. You can start by adding a few new things and if your feeling up to it go through your closet and give what you don’t like or wear away to those in need. I will post more on closet organizing for stylish success soon.

Another great tool for finding your sense of style is blogs and internet sites. Myself and others pride ourselves in bringing you the most up to date trends and runway looks. I also encourage my readers to comment and ask questions. I am always here to answer any and all of my readers’ questions. If I don’t know the answer I will be sure to send you to one of my stylish friends. I hope this helps and remember clothes are her to help us feel good about ourselves so go out there and make a statement!



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Who is your Style Icon?

16 Jul

There are so many stylish lovers to follow these days…so who do you tend to look towards for some fashion inspiration? Lets take a look at some of my favorites. Victoria Beckham has always been one to look at if your lacking a bit of style in your closet. She keeps her self polished as only Posh Spice can from head to toe. May it be a pixie or a bob Victoria always keeps her locks up to date with the latest hair trends. What fashion Icon would be complete without her own clothing line…yes Mrs. Beckham has been busy, be sure to check out her amazing jeans she has designed with Rock & Republic and her new skinny jeans which can be found at Take a look at her dress as well which she became a famous fashion Icon for in her movie Spice World.

Another amazing style Icon is Gwen Stefani. She has an amazing rock star style which would come naturally to someone like Gwen who is from the band No Doubt and also went solo. She has gone all over the place with her style showing us that she can pull of many looks, weather its a wife beater showing us her tomboy style or a beautiful Island style gown Gwen can rock it! I love looking at her style, she can really pull of a bohemien look, and loves to incorporate an island rasta vibe in her L.AM.B. Collection which can be found at Nordstroms and Blomingdales along with many other locations. This years runway collections were nothing short of stunning. Take a look for yourself at her style and collection

Many have may also been noticing Amber Rose as a Fashion Icon. She came onto the scene as a famous rappers girlfriend and has made waves in the fashion world from then on. She has never been affraid to make a statement or set a trend weather its her fearless shaved head or her amazing bold colors she loves to sport we love Amber Rose! She has shown her hard working businesses side making her all that much more stylish! Be on the look out for Amber Roses hot sunglasses at her new boutique said to be open soon called  Behind Her Shades. She is also working on her own vintage frames which will be unisex…look out for her and watch what shes wearing its sure to be on trend!!! Follow her on twitter if you like her style!/darealamberrose

Who are your favorites? Leave your comments…