Who is your Style Icon?

16 Jul

There are so many stylish lovers to follow these days…so who do you tend to look towards for some fashion inspiration? Lets take a look at some of my favorites. Victoria Beckham has always been one to look at if your lacking a bit of style in your closet. She keeps her self polished as only Posh Spice can from head to toe. May it be a pixie or a bob Victoria always keeps her locks up to date with the latest hair trends. What fashion Icon would be complete without her own clothing line…yes Mrs. Beckham has been busy, be sure to check out her amazing jeans she has designed with Rock & Republic and her new skinny jeans which can be found at http://www.polyvore.com Take a look at her dress as well which she became a famous fashion Icon for in her movie Spice World. http://www.victoriabeckham.com

Another amazing style Icon is Gwen Stefani. She has an amazing rock star style which would come naturally to someone like Gwen who is from the band No Doubt and also went solo. She has gone all over the place with her style showing us that she can pull of many looks, weather its a wife beater showing us her tomboy style or a beautiful Island style gown Gwen can rock it! I love looking at her style, she can really pull of a bohemien look, and loves to incorporate an island rasta vibe in her L.AM.B. Collection which can be found at Nordstroms and Blomingdales along with many other locations. This years runway collections were nothing short of stunning. Take a look for yourself at her style and collection http://www.l-a-m-b.com

Many have may also been noticing Amber Rose as a Fashion Icon. She came onto the scene as a famous rappers girlfriend and has made waves in the fashion world from then on. She has never been affraid to make a statement or set a trend weather its her fearless shaved head or her amazing bold colors she loves to sport we love Amber Rose! She has shown her hard working businesses side making her all that much more stylish! Be on the look out for Amber Roses hot sunglasses at her new boutique said to be open soon called  Behind Her Shades. She is also working on her own vintage frames which will be unisex…look out for her and watch what shes wearing its sure to be on trend!!! Follow her on twitter if you like her style http://www.twitter.com/#!/darealamberrose

Who are your favorites? Leave your comments…                                                                                                        


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