What does your outfit say about you?

17 Jul

Many people feel that what they wear says a lot about their personality. So if you’re wearing an all-black outfit do you think someone may think you are a ridged person, gothic or maybe they might think you are a sheik and sleek dressed individual? It depends on the confidence within, the way you piece it together and accessories. No matter what you may be wearing it sets the tone about what others think about you. So when you get dressed in the morning ask yourself…what tone do I want to set for my day and how do I want others to see me. If you’re going to an interview you will defiantly want to research what attire is appropriate. If you need tips on how to dress for an interview please take a look at my upcoming post on dressing for industry interviews.

You might be unsure and searching for your own sense of style. Maybe you have even become stuck in a generation and never really ventured out to try new trends. If this is the case a great way to start is by taking a look at what others are wearing. You can do this many different ways, by people watching at the mall and window shopping while your at it to give yourself an idea about whats out there. Try picking up a couple of magazines like InStyle, or even People just be sure to take a look at what you are drawn to or even what you think looks great on someone else. You can start by adding a few new things and if your feeling up to it go through your closet and give what you don’t like or wear away to those in need. I will post more on closet organizing for stylish success soon.

Another great tool for finding your sense of style is blogs and internet sites. Myself and others pride ourselves in bringing you the most up to date trends and runway looks. I also encourage my readers to comment and ask questions. I am always here to answer any and all of my readers’ questions. If I don’t know the answer I will be sure to send you to one of my stylish friends. I hope this helps and remember clothes are her to help us feel good about ourselves so go out there and make a statement!



London to Cali With Love


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