How do you feel in a pair of high heels?

20 Jul

Walk around in a pair of heels, do you automatically put a strut on and bring your sexiness out. Maybe you are uncomfortable being tall or your feet fail you with the pain heels may bring. I am on the fence with heels because they are painful at times however I love the look heels adds to an outfit so I just smile and remind myself beauty can be pain. You can dress anything up with heels. You can tie in the colors of your outfit really bringing the look together. A great way to tie your outfit together is to spoil yourself with the matching purse as Amber Rose has done her with her zebra print clutch and her matching zebra print heels. I just love her! She is one of my favorite stylists out there, yes she styles herself! She has also been heard talking about a vintage collection which she will be launching in Los Angeles this coming year!       

Another great example of how to add color with the right shoe and hand bag is Olivia Palermo. She has been in the fashion world for quite sometime now. Many of you may know her from the MTV show The City. Olivia is a great style icon in the making.

If heels aren’t your thing you can always rock some cute sneakers with great bold colors or keep it simple with some plain white chucks. Jennifer Aniston pulls off this look flawlessly. There are also some amazing flats and sandals out this season, I can’t stay away from the embellishments and bling on the newest styles. I also love the ballet slipper in a simple bold color black, white, or brown, red is a fun color to add to brighten up your wardrobe. Adding it with stripes and navy would be a cute twist to the nautical look of the season. Have fun trying new looks and taking a risk, remember to embrace your sense of style and that your shoes can be your best show piece so don’t be afraid to be bold when choosing colors or styles. However, if these are work shoes you may want to keep comfort in mind or simply add a sole insert.


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2 Responses to “How do you feel in a pair of high heels?”

  1. Irishgirl July 20, 2011 at 10:54 pm #

    Dont forget for tall girls those kitten heels can be the perfect alternative for sandels and comfortable too!
    Great suggestions Thank you!

  2. londontocali July 21, 2011 at 8:19 pm #

    This is such a great suggestion for us tall girls!!! Thanks for the comment Irishgirl!!!

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