Dressing For A Fashion Industry Interview

26 Jul

Preparing for a fashion industry interview can be extremely nerve-wracking, not because you’re nervous about what to say, but because you’re worried about what to wear. It goes without saying that you’ll want to dress totally different for an interview in the fashion industry as opposed to one for a field of law, accounting, or any other conservative industry. But you still need to look professional. The trick is to be unquestionably stylish without losing that professional vibe, so that anyone that walks in the room can and will take you seriously. But keep in mind, you should always dress according to your personal style. If you are dressed completely out of character to impress for the interview, it will be noticed and you will look uncomfortable.

 You’ll definitely want to wear a nice pair of shoes For the interview. You don’t have to go out and spend $500 on a pair of Jimmy Choos but you at least want to make sure that they look new and polished. I suggest taking your favorite piece of clothing, the one that best showcases your style and that your most proud of, and incorporating it into your interview outfit. Start with this item whether it’s a nice blouse, a cute dress, or a stylish skirt, and go from there. You can add a stylish cropped jacket to instantly get that office chic look, and don’t forget some trendy jewelry, just remember less is more. You don’t want to over do it but a few key pieces really pull an outfit together. If you’re going with a skirt, I strongly suggest parring it with some pantyhose. Nude is great but don’t forget about pairing it with black, navy, something that pops a little. Remember, its all up to you. Before you walk out the door, make sure your proud of how you look and that you feel comfortable in your own skin. Just simply ask yourself is this outfit me? You got this!

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Courtesy  of Fashionista.com

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